All massages are specially catered to the individual.

60 Minute Massage consist of a combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue/Sports, Friction, Trigger Point, with some stretching.

90 Minute Massage consist of the above description with more time given to specific muscle or muscle groups and allows more time for stretching as well.

On Site Corporate Chair Massage

Let your employees or co-workers know they are valued.

On-site chair massage enhances employee wellness, increases productivity, and enhances morale and retention.

Chair Massage is done on a specially designed chair, over the clothes, and consists of a combination of petrissage, pressure points/trigger points to the upper and lower back, neck and arms. Massage may boost employee’s energy, alertness, and productivity while communicating much about the positive workplace environment you want to create. While reducing stress, muscle tension, and increasing circulation, chair massage can also help prevent repetitive stress injuries like carpel tunnel syndrome.

Please call or email me to discuss what I can do for your workplace wellness program.

Chair Massage is also available for Special Events, like birthday parties, business parties, or art openings. Your guest will really appreciate your gift of health.

You can find more about the benefits of chair massage at the following link:

Benefits of Massage/Physical Benefits of Therapeutic Massage/Mental Benefits of Massage Therapy:

Terms and Definitions for Massage Therapy:

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