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Your physical health and mental well-being are too important to put off until another day. As a licensed, caring massage therapist I can help you begin the process of healing and rejuvenation.

Specializing in sports massage, deep tissue, and stretching, I have attracted a loyal and satisfied clientele including working dancers and actors. Here are some of their reactions to my work:

Dance: “I’m a professional dancer, and because of my injuries I’ve been getting massages regularly from Mauro for a few months now. He is one of the best Massage therapists I have ever tried. He has great energy and he is great on working on specific muscle groups. He knows how much pressure to use and where you need it the most. Mauro is one of the few therapists totally worth the time and cost.”
–Hsin-Ping Chang
Special: “It was my lucky day when my trainer suggested that I visit Mauro for massage therapy. From the first day, I knew that Mauro had special gifts- not only with his skilled hands in relieving back and neck pain, but also in his spiritual strength as well, which comes from a warm, caring personality. – Now, I go once a week for therapy, which when combined with yoga and exercise keeps painful arthritis under control. Despite many hours each day at a computer, I am able to live an active, energetic life without medication. – Another special gift that Mauro possesses is his strength which is carefully controlled and directed in the massage treatment. In previous massage treatments, I was in pain afterwards from too much pressure. Mauro’s training has taught him to understand the human body and how to keep it healthy.”
–David Hanks

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