Best massage therapist in NY: “I injured my lower back while running and was incredibly fortunate to have Mauro recommended to me by a friend. He does fantastic work, uses all kinds of techniques and listens very carefully to what you need. He is very warm and his presence and the soothing atmosphere immediately put you at ease. I left there feeling completely transformed, from a miserable limping wretch to a human being again. Far better than chiropractic or physical therapy for anyone having muscular problems. He is affordable, flexible, and exceedingly generous. I highly recommend him!”
-Johanna B.
Pain Free: “I have had two appointments and have scheduled my third. I was in pain and couldn’t move my neck to the sides and he has worked all that out and my last appointment left me pain free. Thanks to Mario.”
-Teresa H.
Twenty Minute Tune-up: “I tried Mauro at work for a twenty minute tune-up during the day to see if it would help me de-stress and get some of the knots out of my neck and shoulders. Mauro really knows how to work all the pain away in a short amount of time. I can’t imagine Mondays without him!”
-Allison S.
Training for a 5K: “I had a 25 minute massage in the middle of my work day. I have been training for a 5k and weight lifting and my neck/shoulders were a wreck! Thank you Mauro for helping me relieve some of that pain. I will be back!”
-Chris F.
Herniated Disc: “I have a herniated disc and was in pain most of the time. Nonetheless, a friend recommended Mauro for a massage and to my suprise I eventually started to feel better. I have been using Mauro for a year now and his massages are so relaxing and his stretches are great. At first, I was a little nervous due to my disc pain but he knew how to work the tender areas and always had a geniune concern for me. Another great compliment to Mauro is his massage experience and his ability to have conversations with his clients. He is so approachable and you feel comfortable immediately. Lastly, I used another massage therapist once because Mauro was booked (he gets booked fast) and there was a huge difference in technique/ability so I vowed to never make that mistake again especially with a herniated disc condition. Although Mauro’s prices are little higher, he is worth every cent. Alright people, if you want the best massage in Austin, try Mauro!”
Recommended: “Knowledgeable, professional, and experienced. Would recommend to anyone. Makes sure you are breathing correctly throughout the massage, something I wish more therapists did.”
– Scott I.

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